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    Opened in 1905 after over a decade of planning and construction, Lincoln Park (then known as West Side Park) immediately became—and, to this day, remains—the largest county park in Hudson County, New Jersey.


    Bordered by Duncan Avenue (to the north), Communipaw Avenue (to the south), The Hackensack River (to the west), and various streets on its staggered northern edge—with a grand prominade at the intersection of Belmont Avenue and John F Kennedy Boulevard—it comprises over 275 acres of ponds, trails, preserves, golf courses, tennis courts, athletic fields, and more.


    Designed by Daniel W Langton and Charles N Lowry—founding members of The American Society Of Landscape Architects—Lincoln Park is a stunning example of urban park design in general and the early twentieth century's City Beautiful movement in particular.


    For more information about this treasured destination, please visit Lincoln Park's Wikipedia page HERE.



    As with many cities experiencing rebirth and renewal, Jersey City is a place where residents (and government officials) will often argue about the names, boundaries, historical justifications, and (in some cases) actual existence of its many neighborhoods.


    Here at THE LINCOLN PARKER, we're committed to covering all of the neighborhoods surrounding Hudson County's largest park. By most (but not all) accounts, these neighborhoods are: Marion; West Side; Bergen Hill; Lincoln Park; Journal Square; McGinley Square; and Bergen Lafayette.


    That said, we'd like to focus upon the Lincoln Park for just a moment, as its designation as a self-contained neighborhood seems to be slipping from the popular imagination in recent years. (Either that or The National Register Of Historic Place's wonkishly bureaucratic decision to call it The West Bergen East Lincoln Park Historic District has caused locals to revolt.)


    By twentieth-century standards, the Lincoln Park district is located on the west side of Jersey City, bounded by: Bergen Avenue to the east; Westside Avenue to the west; Montgomery Street to the north; and Harrison Avenue to the south; with Kennedy Boulevard cutting straight through its middle, as its main thoroughfare.


    Generally considered Jersey City's most architecturally diverse neighborhood, the district began to flower in the 1890s (as demonstrated by its multiple examples of Victorian grandeur) and continued to prosper for decades, with waves of Edwardian, Art Deco, and Romantic Revival construction evident to this day.



    THE LINCOLN PARKER is a lifestyle site for and about the people, places, and things you'll find in the historically significant, relentlessly gorgeous, warmly welcoming, altogether delightful neighborhoods surrounding Jersey City's leafy, lively, legendary Lincoln Park.


    Born in northern Italy and raised in nearby North Bergen—with a love of vintage cars, home, and furniture since childhood—Dan Pelosi has lived and worked in the Lincoln Park district for over twenty years.


    While attending Montclair State University in the early 1990s, Pelosi studied business, finance, and management. But it was his internship on the set of a feature film that influenced him most, resulting in a successful career across the publishing, advertising, and entertainment industries.


    By the mid 2000s, Pelosi was firmly settled into Lincoln Park and giving elaborate, enthusiastic tours to friends and colleagues from all over the New York City metropolitan area. One of these friends suggested he turn his passion into a business—and so he did.


    Today, Pelosi is: an award-winning real-estate broker associate; an organizer of Lincoln Park's occasional walking tours; and the founder of THE LINCOLN PARKER, a a lifestyle site for and about the neighborhoods surrounding Jersey City's leafy, lively, altogether legendary Lincoln Park.


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